Audience Response System

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We are now offering an Audience Response System that can be fully integrated into your next PowerPoint presentation. Our system creates an interactive meeting that engages participants and improves their overall experience through instantaneous feedback. With the average meeting participant having limited attention span, it is critical to engage your audience and redefine the training and meeting experience. Integrating our ARS (Audience Response System fron Turning Point Technologies) into your environment is your key to efficiently gathering critical data and feedback. Incorporating our system allows you to save time, money, and resources, which contribute to the bottom line of the organization. Whether the objective is to come to consensus, discover unknown facts, or just rapidly compile participant results, our ARS is a value-add for any interactive meeting or training session.

Our ARS system offers the following functionality:

  • Automatic Roster Creation - with XR LCD hardware, the attendee's name is sent with their answer responses and the ARS system automatically populates attendee rosters.
  • Demographics and Data Slicing - cut and splice data to see how different demographics respond to questions on the fly and in reports
  • Comparative Linking - do pre and post assessments to measure shifts in opinion and comprehension
  • Conditional Branching - create a non-linear presentation based on the responses of the audience
  • Priority Ranking Wizard - allows priority to be given to those topics that create the most value to the customer

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