Walter Harvey Susan Strodel Harvey Jeff Bennett Leonard Wink


Walter Harvey

The graphics production for your annual meeting or corporate event is mission critical. Your annual meeting or corporate event is the showcase to the rest of the world about who you are. Walter Harvey and White Rabbit Communications, Inc. began working with companies and corporate events when computers and their capabilities were limited. Since the advent of mulitple core computing and graphics cards that exceed a gigabyte of ram, the computer and its place among corporate events has grown exponentially. Computers are an essential element at any company or corporate event, large or small. Walter works with the best directors, video producers, lighting designers, animators, stage managers and other event professionals to ensure that the graphics for your meeting or event exceed your expectations and deliver an indelible message that will carry the audience to the next level.

From the start of White Rabbit Communications in 1987, Walter worked initally as a PowerPoint operator. Then, in 1997 he added Keynote Operator and Dataton Watchout Operator/Programmer to his resume. Walter has worked with every sized company and event imaginable.

Walter can easily provide you with PowerPoint Operators, Macintosh and Keynote Operators, Dataton Watchout Programmers/Operators and graphic artists. Large screen and multi-screen production shows are no problem. Through White Rabbit, Walter can help with graphics production for any idea, any event and make it remarkable.

Walter Harvey Susan Strodel Harvey Jeff Bennett Leonard Wink


Susan Strodel Harvey

Susan Harvey is an award winning journalist, teacher and writer. She can craft a message of meaning and power for your next company event or video. Susan earned her Master of Journalism degree from North Texas State University and her teaching certificate from Southern Methodist University.

Besides working with White Rabbit, she is currently teaching part-time at the Northlake College campus as an instructor of Journalism. Susan is bright, creative and an asset to any team working to create a compelling message for an important corporate meeting.

Walter Harvey Susan Strodel Harvey Jeff Bennett Leonard Wink


Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett has partnered with White Rabbit on corproate events and projects for over fifteen years. His work includes internet and interactive multimedia programming, corporate tradeshows, interactive kiosks, website programming, educational software, sales and marketing materials, Shockwave games, Flash and Web programming. His programming skills include Java, JSP, ASP, PHP Macromedia Director, Flash, Actionscript and Lingo. Prior to his work in multimedia, he worked for twelve years as an independent corporate producer and composer of TV and radio commercials, industrial film scores, sound design, audio production and editing. Jeff earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas at Dallas.

Walter Harvey Susan Strodel Harvey Jeff Bennett Leonard Wink


Leonard Wink

A professional marketing communications executive with more than 30+ years of developing productive marketing plans, strategies, and tactics, including complete trade show management and show staff training programs. He has also excelled in corporate meeting and event planning, special client promotions, plus corporate and product collateral development. Leonard has excellent client success stories and high impact multimedia presentations for sales efforts geared towards turning prospects into clients.