White Rabbit History

Walter Harvey began working as a PowerPoint operator and a graphics operator when desktop computers were still a novelty. His love of storytelling and his consummate reading of "all that technical stuff" propelled his interest in creating compelling PowerPoint graphics and corporate events that entertain, inform, and motivate.

From the start of White Rabbit Communications in 1987, he has teamed with other producers, event planners, and meeting event professionals that add to his own abilities as a graphics operator and meeting producer.

White Rabbit has garnered a pool of creative talent that makes it possible to offer clients a wide variety of artistic styles and leading edge production technologies to craft any message-on time and on budget. Wide-screen, multi-screen, large meeting or small meeting; it doesn't matter to us. At the end of the day we want your audience to have only thought about you and your message. After all, it's not about us. It's about us producing your corporate event in a way that says, "It's all about you."